XEOS C Foundation Library

About XEOS

XEOS is an experimental 32/64 bits Operating System for x86 platforms, written from scratch in Assembly and C, including a C99 Standard Library, and aiming at POSIX/SUS2 compatibility.

About XSFoundation

The XEOS C Foundation library provides the base for object-oriented C style coding, reference counting memory management with auto-release capabilities, reflection, runtime environment, polymorphism, exceptions, and basic objects.
It's purpose is to be integrated in the XEOS Operating System, once its C standard library will be complete.

For now, it's just a standalone project, that should compile on every OS with a decent C compiler.

Supported OS

XSFoundation can be used on POSIX compliant systems (Mac OS X, Unix, Linux) as well as on Windows.


Object oriented

While pure C code, XSFoundation is an object-oriented library.
It provides a complete runtime to manage classes and instances, providing many core classes to ease development in C, and allowing developers to create their own classes.

Reference counting

XSFoundation manages memory and resources using reference counting, allowing easier memory allocation.
It also provides auto-release capabilities, to handle automatically the release of allocated objects.


XSFoundation provides basic reflection for classes and objects, allowing runtime introspection of code components.


XSFoundation includes an integrated debugger, helping developers to easily spot runtime faults, like standard crashes, memory leaks, buffer overflows, etc.


While the purpose of XSFoundation is to be used in the XEOS Operating System, it can be used as a standalone, cross-platform library. Mac OS X, Linux, Unix and Windows are currently fully supported.