Welcome to XS-Labs

XS-Labs is the new home of the XEOS Operating System and related projects.
Please take a look at the projects page to see a list of all the open projects.

Featured projects

XEOS Operating System

XEOS XEOS is an experimental 32/64 bits Operating System for x86 platforms, written from scratch in Assembly and C.
It includes a C99 Standard Library, and aims at POSIX/SUS2 compatibility.
Its main purpose is educationnal, and to provide people interested in OS development with a clean code base.
While available only for x86, it may evolve to support other platforms.

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Codeine Codeine is a new code editor for Mac, allowing editing, building, running and debugging C, C++ and Objective-C code.
While not an IDE (yet), Codeine aims to evolve to support complex application projects.
Codeine uses the latest technologies in source code compilation to provide users with the best environment to build and run software on the Mac platform.

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