Discontinued software


Here's a non-exhaustive list of previously published commercial and free software, actually discontinued.
Most of them were actually released under the eosgarden identity, and are listed here for archive purpose.

Please take a look at the projects page to see the list of the active OpenSource projects by XS-Labs.


WebStart WebStart was a full-featured web-server environment for the Mac platform.
It included Apache, MySQL, three versions of PHP, as well as a bunch of other web-server oriented software.

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PropEdit PropEdit was a Mac OS X application allowing to easily manage the permissions of the local Mac filesystem.
It also included a complete editor for ACL (Access Control List) permissions.

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Manual Manual was a GUI front-end for the UNIX manual pages.
The project is now available freely on GitHub.

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Host Manager

Host Manager Host Manager was an application allowing easy management of the hosts using the Mac OS X Directory Services database.

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Process Renicer

Process Renicer ProcessRenicer was a Mac OS X application allowing to change the nice value of the computer processes.

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Application State Cleaner

Application State Cleaner Application State Cleaner was a Mac OS X application allowing to get rid of the resume state of specific applications.

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