Old articles archives


Here's a non-exhaustive list of some technical articles, written years ago under the eosgarden identity.
They are listed here for archive purpose.

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Reference counting in ANSI-C

This article will teach you how to implement a reference counting memory management system in C.

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GDB basic tutorial

This quick tutorial will explain you some of the basics of GDB, the GNU debugger.

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Detecting idle time and activity with I/O Kit

This article explains how to detect user's activity, on Mac OS X and on iOS.

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Using static libraries with XCode

This article will teach you how to use static library targets with Xcode.

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Using boolean data-types with ANSI-C

Definition of the boolean data-type in C89.

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Closure and lambda in Objective-C

A look at the blocks feature of Objective-C.

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Cocoa: Delegate chain system

A tutorial on how to use multiple delegates in Objective-C.

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Understanding floats

A look at the single precsion floating point numbers specification.

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